Anna Andres

Anna Andres is a Ukrainian model, actress, tv presenter and the winner of “Miss Ukraine Universe” beauty pageant in 2014. She is also well known as a leading lifestyle and fashion influencer with a big army of loyal followers, who she inspires and motivates to live healthy and active, to feel beautiful inside and out, to be chic and sporty. Anna commutes between Kiev and London, where she has been developing her business skills in the fashion and jewelry industry. Moreover, here, in annaandres.com, she is happy to lift the veil of her beauty hints, tips and life hacks, tell about her experience in fashion world and share a lot of important things, which you will need to know in order to keep abreast of the times. Stay tuned!

01 04
За окном XXI век и индустриализация сменилась тотальным техническим прогрессом.
26 03
Термин “унисекс” сменился на “агендерность”, тщательная культивация которого принесла креативному директору итальянского модного дома Gucci Алессандро Микеле (A...
17 03
Ничто не стоит на месте и постоянное развитие является двигателем прогресса, как личного, так и индустриального.