Whether traveling by plane, train or car—how to start meditating on the road


It’s not without reason that the renowned Los Angeles-based meditation coach Light Watkins states in his book “Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying” that hell isn’t as hot as December, when a crowd of antsy travelers starts hitting airports and train stations ahead of Christmas holidays, and in the face of such strife, defense is your best offense. The defense in this case is the ability to maintain peace of mind in all situations and the possibility to choose how to react to surrounding events.


Rule No. 1: breathe!

Even if you are in a crowded public transport, focus your eyes on a static object and take 10 deep breaths with your nose, gradually increasing the duration of each breath. As soon as after the first few, you will start to feel how irritability and stress give way to calmness and the opportunity to look at what’s happening from a different perspective, to find positives and show sympathy and empathy towards others. At least because they are here and now with you sharing the same fate.


how to start meditating on the road, meditation, aromatherapy, meditation coach, Light Watkins


Devote time for meditation

Wherever you go, try to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier and allow yourself to just sit quietly, practicing deep breathing. You will be surprised how this period of time can not only reclaim your inner harmony, but also boost overall productivity, concentration and adaptability. The latter is particularly important, because sometimes on a trip things don’t go according to plan: from a long line at the check-in counter, to the delay or cancellation of the flight.


Complementary accessories

Contemporary aromatherapy has enabled us to take essential oils for inner peace on the road, applying them to a special fragrance test strip, a scarf or just our wrist. The same with meditative music, special apps and headphones with great noise reduction. However, Watkins says you shouldn’t rely much on all these extra tools and instead be able to meditate anytime anywhere. It is better to learn to get into the desired meditative state on your own, without depending on additional devices.


how to start meditating on the road, meditation, aromatherapy, meditation coach, Light Watkins


Put it into practice

Just like exercise, meditation requires practice. Spend 5-10 minutes daily in meditation—in the morning before the start of an active day or in the evening before sleep—and in a couple of weeks you will notice how much easier and faster you enter a state of total relaxation and calm.

Illustration: Emilie Simpson