How to prepare your body to spring-summer season in 10 days? Part I


When you start doing sport, you need only one thing - motivation. Neither expensive subscriptions nor pretty sports outfits will help if you don't have a desire to change yourself. Here you find workout methods that do not require any sport equipment and strict trainers. Your body is the main instrument.


The majority avoid cardio workouts referring to unbearable difficulty while performing exercises. However, proper breathing technique may do miracles. Aerobic workouts help better lungs and blood-vessels filtering, boost your metabolism and strengthen muscles.  If your worries haven't boiled away yet, try to workout with interval loads: maximal efforts for 2 minutes get changed to minimal efforts for the same period of time. This includes not only exercises, but running as well. At the primary level, 5 sets is enough; further, as you improve your skills, you should also increase the number of sets during a workout. For doing cardio, it's not necessary to go to gym or hit the bricks - rhythmic music and running in place (preferably, in front of the mirror) would be a good alternative.


Workout cardio sport


Plank hold

Static load workout is not that easy as it might seem. It strengthens whole body muscles, develops coordination and improves your balance skill. The most popular exercise among static ones - is a plank hold. By performing a plank hold, you strengthen core muscles, abs, improve posture and flexibility. Performing an exercise, don't forget about the proper technique: straighten your arms and raise the core above the floor, palms should be right under your shoulders, hips in this position are straightened with no dipping or raising: your back is straight, stomach is sucked in and tensed.


workout sport plank


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