How a regular dry brush can change your body in just 5 minutes a day

09 08

Summer goes on thanks to the equally hot Indian summer or long-awaited vacations in exotic locations, so bikinis are still relevant, leading us to consider a new technique of body shaping with a dry brush, which has become a big hit this season.

One would think it’s such a simple thing, but it can work wonders, encouraging soft lymphatic drainage, greatly improving blood circulation, naturally exfoliating skin and, most importantly, helping get rid of cellulite for good with regular treatments for only 3-5 minutes a day.



All the more so because up-to-date brushes are sometimes equipped better than pretentious massagers, offering bronze, copper and zinc fibers enriched with ions, as well as denser bristles, supplemented with special rubber balls, which help to massage your skin more deeply and saturate blood with oxygen.

Smaller brushes with softer bristles will be an excellent addition to facial massage. Just don’t forget to make movements strictly along the massage lines from the bottom upwards, increasing blood flow, improving microcirculation, relieving muscle tension, toning the skin and boosting natural collagen production. All this together will help tighten face skin, smoothing even deep mimic wrinkles.