Exclusive interview with famous beauty therapist Lana Buckley

11 04

Lana Buckley is a qualified aesthetic and beauty therapist with a medical education and experience since 1990. She is also a facial massage specialist and masters various techniques including classic, plastic, lymph drainage, relaxing neurosedatative massages and Jacquet massage. Also, Lana uses the Japanese Kobido massage technique that she has adapted to the European facial type and structure. She is a top-specialist in sculptural buccal massage that is so popular nowadays.

Lana Buckley is the founder of the proprietary facial massage methodology “Line of Beauty” based on the combination of various massage techniques depending on the individual needs and peculiarities. This methodology is unique and yields more effective results because of being aimed to the age-related changes remodeling and preventive treatment depending on the aging type, skin stiffness, muscles and bands condition, and pshyco-emotional state of every client. 


Lana Buckley


What common mistakes are preferable to avoid by girls while being young?

Within my practice I talk to my clients everyday giving them recommendations upon the everyday routine that is very important. Sometimes I have to correct some mistakes connected to the skincare. The most common ones are:

– incorrect identification of the skin type 

– unawareness of the age-related changes type

– therefore, incorrect cosmetics matching that is untrue to the skin type and condition

– abusive usage of skincare and makeup cosmetics 

– excessive or insufficient skin cleansing

– incorrect subsequence of products application, products matching, skincare regularity


What beauty-advice you can share with girls? Any recommendations?

One of the most important beauty-advices is to keep what nature endowed you with as long as it is possible. I am for wise and careful treatment of your face and body. The most important rule is "Do no harm". You must remember that systematic beauty routine based on regular physical training, spirit nurturing, constant self-development is the formula for success and reward for efforts. You are toned, alert, fresh and good-looking at any age.


Anna Andres

The Anna’s glowing skin after attending Lana's massage.


Do you entrust your face to someone?

Over the years I came to know my face very well and know its weak and strong points, and that is why I take care of my face on my own. I developed a special system that yields favorable results. This is an everyday routine I follow since tender age and now I may assume for certain that it works. Sometimes I attend my colleagues for certain treatments with great pleasure, and though that happens quite rarely, every time I get assured that professional care is the best thing any service industry can provide us with.