Keira Knightley shares her beauty secrets

A popular British actress, an ambassador of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense perfume has always astonished the society with her natural beauty – she has never been an enthusiast of cosmetics products but it comes with a job that allowances should be made. Keira tells how she managed to keep the adolescence and an ideal skin health.


Keira Knightley beauty secrets make up skin care


About make-up:

“I start my daily routine with moistening. If reddings occur I apply concealer – I am not an enthusiast of tonics and prefer naturalness. Light shadows help me look awake – I apply them just with a finger without using a stick. Lip-gloss is of the same shade as my lips. I prefer making smoky eyes when walking by runner rugs. Nevertheless, when I look tired or feel bad I just apply a red lipstick”.

About perfumes:

“Perfumes help me to get into a role but I am a constant lover in my daily life and always choose something I have already tried”.

Skin care:

“My skin bears immense overloads because of the make-up. Before I turned 24, I used different care products but they did not give me the result I wanted to see. Then, I let the dice roll and stopped applying any care products on my face. After giving a birth, my skin got dry and I started using moistening products again”.

About eyebrows:

“I will give you a piece of advice – if your make-up designer wants to pluck your eyebrows flee from him”.


Keira Knightley beauty secrets make up skin care