Heidi Klum reveals her beauty secrets

Much can be learnt from German top model Heidi Klum, especially when it comes to beauty and health. We have only to take a look at the photos of the 45-year-old fashion diva to understand that she clearly has some secret formula for eternal youth and exceptional physical form. And her long romantic relationship with pop rock band Tokio Hotel’s guitarist Tom Kaulitz, who is 16 years younger, is illustrative of it.


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Heidi exercises at least four times a week according to a special plan developed for her by celebrity trainer David Kirsch, who also works with Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Linda Evangelista, Karolina Kurkova, Liv Tyler and Kerry Washington. The training program alternates running, cycling, swimming and weight lifting.



Every day, the model, actress and host of the popular TV series Project Runway drinks at least 2 liters of water. This helps maintain the hydrolipidic balance of the body, flush out toxins, keep a stable weight and give the skin extra elasticity and natural radiance.



There is no one answer to this question, and everyone chooses what suits them most. Heidi gave preference to the 80/20 system, where healthy eating takes 80% of the time, and her gastronomic whims make up the other 20%.



Do not expect immediate results from yourself. Self-improvement is daily work, not a spontaneous burst of activity “for the beach season." Thus, on a long journey, "stops" of gratitude are essential, when you reward yourself for your efforts and motivate yourself for future accomplishments. Rewards can be different—from shopping and watching your favorite movie on the couch in front of the TV, to a new haircut or a coveted trip. Just don’t reward yourself with food. An attitude like "I’ll now do the abs, and then have a piece of cake" creates serious psychological barriers.