Diane von Fürstenberg: exclusive tips from the legendary designer

In a recent interview to Vogue the creator of her own brand and designer Diane von Fürstenberg gave a few tips to girls under 30.


Diane von Fürstenberg beauty care


“What is the point of making plans for every new year? I recommend you to make plans for ten years ahead. During this decade between 20 and 30 get as many good habits as it is possible and get rid of smoking and consuming sugar forever. After 30 it becomes much harder to tussle with yourself. When you are 20 it’s a high time to establish a framework of your identity”.

“Do not neglect using sunscreens. Everyone knows about the pernicious influence of ultraviolet”.

“Less interference in hair structure. Within my 70 years I have never dyed my hair, I was using henna instead. Curling iron and perming should be used sparingly. For my age I have very healthy hair and now you know why”.


Diane von Fürstenberg beauty care


“Fill your make-up bag only with necessary products. Cut away all the fat and bloat, that does not match you. I grew up during the crazy 70th, back then showing up to a guy without any make-up was considered a crime. You are living in different time, when a natural beauty is valued. Do not forget about who you are”.

“Do not be scared of travelling alone. The most important relationships in a woman life – is the relationships with herself”.

“Take care of your body, give attention to sport, I would recommend yoga. Do not forget to keep a diary of an account on Instagram – these memories of a wild youth are priceless”.