How to remain “enthusiastic” in a relationship

Grown up on Hollywood’s romantic comedies, we very often find ourselves in a situation imposed on us by “the ideal loving couple”, when all attempts to preserve our personal individuality shatter, because we fear to lose a loved one. Common time, space, interests and social circle create only a temporary sense of idyll, which over time runs the risk of becoming a problem of satiety with each other.

Imagine that you have a favorite movie that you eagerly watch repeatedly. But what happens if you view that film every day for several months? Will there still be enthusiasm to carefully look at each frame, heeding every word of the characters?

In life, having met a loved one, we hasten to put all our happiness on them, brushing aside all other joys and pleasures. Nevertheless, it is them that help us maintain enthusiasm in relationship for many years, giving us enough positive energy to share with our loved ones.


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These are the 5 types of joy needed to restore the feminine energy balance:



Neuropsychiatrists have long established that the daily rate of a verbal stream is 20,000 words in women, and only 7,000 in men. Pouring out the remaining 13,000 words as a continuous monologue to your loved one is not the best idea, even if you’ve wanted for some time to discuss what you can’t hold yourself in like the spattered bathroom mirror, coffee cups carefully arranged for you around the house, or Red Dead Redemption 2, which has firmly entered your life over the past few weeks.

Your friends will come to the rescue. But, instead of discussing all that with them, get it off your chest by talking about far more pleasant things, pouring out the verbal stream for a few weeks to come, to ensure the necessary “robustness” in personal relationships.



This includes everything—from going to the beauty parlor for a new look and a slight change in the color of hair and manicure, to extended spa treatments with toning and relaxing massages, body wraps and other pleasurable offerings. Do not be afraid to be deemed an egoist after spending 3 hours a week on yourself.

As practice shows, seeing how peaceful, renewed and happy you are when you come back home, your man will not only admire your appearance, but also want to become part of such a source of joy, bearing its expenses or offering help in household chores during your absence.


relationship, good relationship tips, feminine energy balance, beauty and health, workout, shopping, hobby, love



Needless to say that, in addition to the taut figure, which will please not only you, it gives you a few hours of solitude, when you can easily give way to reflections or make plans for the future. If you exercise at home, then the gym can be replaced by walking.



We are not talking about consumerism, but about sensible consumption which means buying necessary things: new clothes, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. Psychologists have found that in women, even during a fitting, which doesn’t end in a purchase, endorphins, the hormones of happiness, are increased by 2 times and a half.



Find a pastime for yourself, preferably not one, that would be interesting to you and bring you pleasure. It can be anything from dancing, playing musical instruments, drawing, singing and modeling vases in clay to flower arranging, design, learning the intricacies of makeup and studying precious stones and metals. The point is not to reach heights in all that, open a new business or go on tour giving concerts (although, who knows, you might discover a real talent within yourself). It is about constantly expanding your horizons, bringing new fodder for conversation to your life together, and new reasons for admiring your limitless abilities.