How to increase your efficiency during a simple coffee break

Even if you don’t drink coffee and prefer other drinks, this short break can be turned into a relaxing, but nevertheless extensive efficiency training.


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1. Watching videos

And no, we’re not talking about clips with funny kittens, raccoons or other representatives of the animal world living in social networks, we’re talking about development platforms like TED here, where you can find tons of interesting information presented in a lively and accessible way. Most lectures take up to 15 minutes, however, they can provide the impetus for new ideas or a serious motivation for achieving personal goals.


2. Mastering a language

If you have long dreamed to learn or pull up a foreign language, then only 10-15 minutes a day will help you at least make considerable progress in your knowledge, if not achieve fluency.

For example, the co-founder of the personal analytics platform Exist, Australian Belle Beth Cooper, learned to read, write and almost fluently speak on general topics in just a year of practicing French for 5 minutes a day using the Duolingo app. You can choose any other app or resource from a multitude of them available on the App Store.


3. Reading

No matter what you prefer—specialized literature, the development of new skills or a novel—your time will definitely not be wasted. Reading relaxes and allows you to reflect on issues far from the routine of everyday life.

For instance, though busy with dozens of impressive business projects and companies, Elon Musk manages to read at least 50 books a year, that is, about 1 book a week. Perhaps, due to this, he always has an arsenal of new ideas to realize.


4. Planning

Whether it's work processes or personal time, planning helps put things in their places and free lots of spare hours for relaxation, sport, get-togethers with friends or family—all that trying to achieve financial prosperity often interferes with.

Setting time constraints on the performance of a task, you will be surprised at how effective you can be without procrastinating your day away.

Remember to leave yourself pauses for rest and the already mentioned coffee break, to avoid turning your schedule into a total "arms race" and ultimately getting tired of your own accomplishments.