The real motivation — what to watch on warm evenings


Whereas in winter we suffer from the blues caused by gray and bad weather, when it finally gets warmer, there is a problem of a different nature, when it's hard to force yourself to concentrate on work and be at least a little productive. You can escape the "summer laziness" by watching movies about real success stories.


Erin Brockovich (2000)

A twice-divorced single mother, former beauty queen of a small town, decides to radically change her life and persuades a lawyer to give her a job as a trainee, despite her having no higher education. However, fate had other plans for Erin and her first case leads to a lawsuit against a large corporation that poisons the groundwater with carcinogenic substances. Ultimately, the all-out Brockovich emerges victorious, earns a reputation, comes to the top of a consulting company and secures a professorship at leading business and law universities.




Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (2003)

A film about the true American dream. From the very birth, Liz Murray’s life was a thorny path: her parents were alcoholics and drug addicts, her mother died of AIDS, followed by homelessness and no means of existence. But against all odds, Liz enters high school, which she completes with distinction in two years, rather than the usual four, and earns a scholarship to Harvard University, for the graduates of which all doors of the world are open.




The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

A success story of the famous American millionaire and philanthropist Chris Gardner, based on his memoirs. Living in a tiny apartment with his wife and a small son, Chris tries to make ends meet by selling questionable medical devices. Looking for changes, he lands an unpaid half-year internship in a brokerage company. The wife leaves him after learning about such "impractical" decision, and Gardner together with his son is evicted from their apartment for failing to pay the rent. But due to perseverance and faith in himself, Chris gets a job in a competition with 19 other interns. Recalling his story, Gardner helps the poor and sponsors organizations where he found shelter with his son in his darkest times.




Coco Before Chanel (2009)

The whole world knows about Coco Chanel and her French fashion house, deservedly putting her on a pedestal as a trendsetter and one of the greatest female fashion designers, but few have heard the story of a girl brought up in the orphanage, a singer in a provincial bar and an ordinary seamstress who had to fight with herself and with society to become a legend.




Moneyball (2011)

Billy Beane, the highest-paid sports manager in history, back in 2001 was known as the leader of a "team of losers," until, as a gift of fate, he met an economist, who with the help of mathematical calculations managed to assess the value of each individual player. This system is used to this day and is considered the most effective.