How to forge a career as a celebrity stylist


Today, virtually no celebrity Hollywood Hills' inhabitant or music superstar can do without the assistance and advice of a professional stylist who is able to create the right look for them for all occasions.

What if you decided to become the one who in the blink of an eye can transform a diligent housewife into a style icon dominating glossy magazine covers? Law Roach, stylist to Celine Dion, Zendaya and Ariana Grande, shares the essential skills for the job.


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1. Internships

Grasp every opportunity to gain experience in the field. Even if you have to put in miles for days on end from boutiques to private showrooms, carrying heavy bags for a stylist, time will not be lost. First, you will get an insider's view of the work process, and second, you will make valuable connections.

2. Relationships

Don’t sacrifice quantity to quality of the contacts. Take the initiative, meet showroom owners, boutique directors, magazine journalists, fashion bloggers and potential clients. Keep in touch and make friends with them. Remember: introvert stylists simply do not exist.

3. Trust

Timely return things taken for a photo shoot, video shoot or other event to boutiques in impeccable condition. Even if at first you have to pay for dry-cleaning out of your own pocket—investments will ultimately be repaid a hundredfold. Brand managers value those who can be fully trusted and willingly recommend them to their celebrity clients.


celebrity stylist, job, Law Roach, Celine Dion, Zendaya, Ariana Grande, design, fashion, style, stylist profession


4. Social networks

Do not forget about your professional profiles on social media. Develop your own style of presentation and work on the quality of material. Don’t forget to carefully credit brands, designers, photographers, directors and everyone involved.

5. Studying

Whether studying fashion design at one of the best specialized universities in the world or a systematic process of self-development, learn the history of fashion, keep up with the latest trends, gather references and inspiration on a daily basis.

6. Organization

Don’t forget about planning. Remember: being a stylist is a job, not an entertainment. Make lists of things and accessories, keep track of their proper packaging, timely delivery and return.

7. Stepping out

Having gained experience (and only at that point!), make yourself known. Start your own business. Inform the accumulated contacts that you are now a professional stylist and ready to start working on any project. Carefully build your portfolio. Keep in mind: reputation is built for years, but can be completely ruined because of a single trifle.