Legacy of the Aztecs: a new Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Collection


Nicolas Ghesquière’s eloquent posts on Twitter, accompanied by the hashtag #notgoinganywhere, hinting at the designer’s certain dissatisfaction with the current state of things on his position as creative director of French fashion house Louis Vuitton, did not prevent him from showing the 2019 Cruise Collection, with more than 600 guests gathered, the bigger half of which have become loyal clients of the brand precisely during his "rule."


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In the front row, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Connelly, Ruth Negga, Laura Harrier and other equally prominent representatives of the film industry, fashion world and show business were spotted.

The new collection embodies the designer's signature elements: eclectic embroidery, references to costume history and his favorite doublets, multilayerness made up of weightless lace and strict geometric silhouettes, as well as the prerequisites of futurism, expressed in over-the-knee boot/sneaker hybrids and pull on sock sneakers, which moved from this year’s spring season.