Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter 2018/2019


Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter collection 2018/2019 - is an artistic act. Clothes with complicated ornament, prints from 70-th, feathers were sprinkling on the runway - all of this became a mind-blowing cocktail. From the look of things, fashion realm has starved for authentic art performances with nuanced philosophic undertone.


Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter 2018/2019 trends cloth beauty


Art Brut became the topic for a new collection. The term first appeared in the art world in 1945, it personifies works painted by amateurish artists, most often artists are freaks, fringes and mentally disordered people. But this gives it zest:  works look not less spectacularly than paintings of famous and reputable representatives of art boheme.

Art Brut is modern Van Noten itself - handmade harmony combined with high-tech , this is unexpected colors and incredible materials, and the combination of lime-like and violaceous should be especially noted. This coat reminds a textured ethnic blanket, gentle shirts, sophisticated brown fur with green strokes. Game of contrasts not lacking in airiness and elegance.

Collection appeared to be crazy but amazingly graceful.