Halle Berry and her hints and tips

Halle Berry keeps astonishing fans with her delicate figure and great look. The actress will share secrets of staying in shape, even when you are 52.


Halle Berry beauty tips good shape


Halle Berry’s personal trainer loves bragging about her achievements. On celebrity’s Instagram account she says that only hard trainings, regular workouts, diet, meditation and yoga will help you keeping in a good shape and getting stunning abs. Berry supports her fitness-trainer in saying that:

“There are 24 hours in a day, and I believe that it is possible to find at least an hour for regular workouts. And it is not necessary to sign up for a gym; we all have some space in our room or on a balcony”.


Halle Berry beauty tips good shape



“Meditation is not just a fancy hobby. I feel happy. When I started meditating, I got my brain hemi-spheres activated, I process information better, I think out of the box and my emotional health is okay”.


“Asanas provides great muscles stretching. I recommend you doing them constantly, and with some time you will feel your body differently:  tension will disappear, and sense of lightness and vivacity appear instead”.

Physical activities:

“When you are 52, your skin looks sagged. A lot of people fall back upon the cosmetological method of solving this problem, but I chose another way which is physical exercises and all ground of muscles workout”.


Halle Berry beauty tips good shape