Religion, rock'n'roll and children of flowers in the Gucci Resort 2019 show


The creative director of Italian fashion house Gucci, Alessandro Michele, has long trained guests and fans to eccentric shows and unobvious locations. This time, for the premiere of the Resort 2019 collection, he invited everyone to a city in the south of France called Arles. The show started at nightfall and unfolded in an ancient cemetery, with the runway built between the sarcophagi of Roman rulers, accompanied by the sound of church bells and a musical phantasmagoria.



"Widows and kids playing rock stars, ladies who are not ladies," Michelecharacterized the mood of the new collection.

Successfully promoting the philosophy of a complete lack of gender differences, Alessandro has once again demonstrated a kaleidoscope of blending styles, textures and the color palette. Velvet dresses embellished with anatomical embroidery, leggings bearing the words "MEMENTO MORI", togas in various interpretations, pantsuits with a ‘70s vibe, rose and hydrangea prints, English tweed jackets, sweeping capes, fringe, fancy headpieces, geometric glasses — all has mixed up in an impeccable Guccified cocktail, intoxicating and luring into its bright net.